Supported Soul Cork Yoga Mat

Support your practice and let your life energy flow freely on the new Supported Soul Chakra cork yoga mat!

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  • Great for sweaty yogis as the grip improves the more you perspire 💦 

    • natural cork top + tree rubber base
    • no toxins or harmful chemicals
    • comes with a carrying strap
    • extra large practice area- 70" x 26" in size
    • nice cushioning with 4mm thickness
    • laser engraved design
    • can be cleaned with any yoga mat spray 

    Not machine washable. Roll up and store with the cork side facing out, once it's dry after practice.

    Chakra design created by talented local artist, Helen Eady.

Suitable for beginners to professionals.

Size: 187cm x 61cm x 3.5mm

Weight: 5 lbs


Supported Soul, Vancouver, BC

West Coast: Designed by talented local visual artist, Nadine Nevitt.

Just Breathe: Photograph of the Smiling Sea in Tofino, BC, by Shelan Markus of City and She + Graphic Design by Ben Teschner. 

Mandala Sky: Designed by talented local graphic designer, Helen Eady.

Starry Night: Designed by talented local graphic designer, Miya McGrew.

Hawaii: Designed by local artist Anja Jane.




Supported Soul Cork Yoga Mat