Supported Soul All In One Yoga Mat

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Eco-friendly, machine washable Supreme All-In-One Yoga mats are a mat & towel combo. Super practical & no more towel bunching! Supported Soul works with local artists to bring you authentic, cutting-edge designs.

Kids mats can be found here!

  • Combination mat & towel. No need to drag an extra towel to class and no more towel bunching!
  • Comes with a handy carrying strap.
  • High quality microfiber top layer & natural tree rubber base.
  • Grip increases with moisture. If you need more traction- simply spray or sprinkle your mat with water.
  • Ultra-versatile. Use for hot yoga, vinyasa, Pilates, barre- whatever activity supports your soul.
  • Exclusive designer prints.
  • Free from toxins, chlorine, latex, silicone and phthalates. Kind to the environment, and no nasty chemical smell.
  • Hand wash or machine wash (no agitator in washing machine, gentle cycle, cold water, no bleach).
  • Hang to dry (no dryer). To speed up drying process, soak up the excess water with a towel before hanging.

Suitable for beginners to professionals.

Size: 187cm x 61cm x 3.5mm

Weight: 4 lbs


Supported Soul, Vancouver, BC

West Coast: Designed by talented local visual artist, Nadine Nevitt.

Just Breathe: Photograph of the Smiling Sea in Tofino, BC, by Shelan Markus of City and She + Graphic Design by Ben Teschner. 

Mandala Sky: Designed by talented local graphic designer, Helen Eady.

Starry Night: Designed by talented local graphic designer, Miya McGrew.

Hawaii: Designed by local artist Anja Jane.




Supported Soul All In One Yoga Mat