Sparkling Rhubarb Bubble Bath

500 ml • I remember walking in the fields as a kid, and finding fresh rhubarb. Every bite of it made my face scrunch up—so sour! Once Grandma sprinkled sugar on top, though, it turned delicious. Ever since, rhubarb and summer strawberries take me back to those times.

We could make a lot of bubble bath variations, but we focus on just this one. Inspired by the countryside, we bring hints of fresh-picked rhubarb, strawberries, and citrus zest to this bubble bath. It’s the best bubble product we can make, and we too use it regularly.

A good bath isn’t just about relaxation, though—it’s also about nourishment. That’s why we introduce replenishing rice protein and skin-pampering hemp seed oil. These fine ingredients will soothe your body and envelop you in exceptional softness.

Hand made with good ingredients

For over 40 years, Saltspring Soap Works has made products rich in organic ingredients and natural botanicals. Today, we offer a complete line of handmade natural soaps as well as skin, hair, and body care products.

Handmade on Saltspring Island, British Columbia

Best bubble bath ever

Sparkling Rhubarb Bubble Bath is my favorite all time bubble bath. I have very sensitive skin and this bubble bath does not irritate my skin. Does not leave a film in the bath tub. The scent is amazing and not overpowering. 

Such a unique scent!

The moment I saw rhubarb, I said YES! I smelled it and th scent is spot on! Using it, it’s gentle on my skin. I have only got a travel size bottle, but I will have to get a full size when it’s gone. Now I just need a lotion to match!


Absolutely incredible product and excited for the option that I can order it online. Truly an Amazing discovery. Thank you for this creation.

Sparkling Rhubarb Bubble Bath