Sound of Silence

West Coast Mamas

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The Sound of Silence.

"The sleeve is the show stopper here, a three quarter length lantern design. It dresses up a pair of distressed jeans, tucked into a high waisted skirt or paired with the wide leg Elsbeth pant are all sure fired looks".  (Smoking Lily)

Smoking Lily added a bust dart to the size Large and Extra Large.

Fabric: Lycra, Linen, Rayon

The flat measurements for this top are:

S - bust: 19", waist: 19.5", hip: 21.5", length: 23"

M - bust: 20", waist: 20.5", hip: 23", length: 24"

L - bust: 21.5", waist: 21.5", hip: 24", length: 25"

XL - bust: 23", waist: 23", hip: 25.5, length: 25"

Smoking Lily is made in downtown Victoria, BC and is a handmade, zerowaste company!

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