Recycled Skateboard Earrings by Pool

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Made from recycled skateboards!
AdrianMartinus Design is a fully-integrated design studio and creative workshop with a commitment to quality craftmanship and the highest levels of customer service.

AdrianMartinus was founded by brothers Adrian and Martinus Pool in 2012. As carpenters, they were frustrated with the construction material waste they encountered on worksites, and as avid skateboarders, they sought to give new life to broken skateboards.
Working in their parents’ garage they began turning hardwood flooring and broken skateboards, many of which were generously donated by local skate shops, into art pieces and home décor.

Since 2012, AdrianMartinus have  progressively upgraded their tools and machinery, expanded their woodworking knowledge, and evolved their collaborative aesthetic. Although AdrianMartinus now also utilize new materials, they continue to carefully repurpose a variety of woods, always refining design and production processes in order to create unique products with as little waste as possible.


Recycled Skateboard Earrings by Pool