JOURNEY - Personal Quest(belt)

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This embroidered obi-style belt has continuous stitching holding the two layers together. It adorns and accents many pieces in our collection. It can be worn with the point to the front, side or back, tied once or twice or with the ends tucked out of sight as you wrap it around. Wear it on your waist or hips, it makes you look amazing. One in every colour would definitely expand your wardrobe capabilities!

All designs are in U.S sizes. This belt is sized differently in the length only. 

Ethically Handmade in Kathmandu. Cotton 100%

Designed on Salt Spring Island.


A partnership by nature. A journey of hard work, love and learning.

Elfarrow is an ethically, handmade garment produced in Kathmandu Nepal. We favour what is available and supportive to our local market and other small businesses in Kathmandu. We hand dye, silkscreen print and stitch our productions by employing staff with fair wages as well as an honest environment to work in.


JOURNEY - Personal Quest(belt)