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These organic cloth pads are not like any other! The design of these Blushing Blue Bird feminine pads are so sleek; they are made to stay in place without any bunching or discomfort. Plus, they are machine washable! 

Here's why they are awesome:

  • High Performance
    Dense core absorbs 10X its weight in less than 2 seconds
  • Secure
    Waterproof barrier adds extra level of protection
  • Sleek
    Thin, streamlined design with wings that snap in place
  • Natural
    Made from soft, breathable organic cotton fabrics
  • Clean
    No lead, phthalates, BPA, fragrances or pesticides
  • Eco-Friendly
    Simple to wash and reuse 
  • Cost Effective
    Invest in reusables and save money in the long run

    These pads come in beautiful patterns and you can pick up a wet bag to match! 


    Size & Absorbency

    Period Flow Absorbency Chart for Cloth Pads

    1 feather :: very light          2 feathers :: light – regular          3 feathers :: heavy          4 feathers :: very heavy


    Optional Pre-Wash Care

    Pre-rinse/use stain remover


    Pre-soak with stain remover or sanitizer

    * Pre-rinse and/or pre-soak may be helpful if item is heavily soiled.
    * Sanitize by soaking pads in a cold water/hydrogen peroxide mix (1 tablespoon of Hydrogen Peroxide in every 1.5 cups of water).
    * Sanitizing your pads may be a good idea if you are fighting yeast or other infections.

    Basic Wash Instructions

    Be sure to wash your items before first use.
    Please note: Speed of absorbency increases with 3 or more wash & wear cycles.

    1. Store until ready to launder.
      Tuck into a dry, breathable spot (an unsealed pail, wet bag or mesh laundry bag work well).
    1. Unfold and wash with regular load.
      Machine wash normal.  Do not bleach.
    1. Dry with the rest of your load as you normally do.
      Do not wring out.  Tumble dry low.  Do not iron.

    *Avoid the use of fabric softeners in both the wash & dry cycles. They may leave a residue on the fabric, reduce proper absorption and increase your risk of irritation.

    **Bluebird Pads are made colourful with low impact dyes that fade naturally over time.  Low impact dyes are better for the environment and the integrity of the fabric.

    Cloth Pads & Liners