BeWildHer Athletic Tights - The "Wilderness" Print

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  • Running
  • Yoga
  • Fitness activities
  • Staying-up
  • Holding keys, cards and gels
  • Deflecting dirt and dog hair


    • Post-consumer recycled plastic bottles
    • Recycled Polyester/Spandex
    • Silky smooth
    • Compression
    • Wicking
    • Anti-bacterial
    • Quick-dry


      1. Hidden waistband pocket
      2. Stay-up grippy elastic


      "Our wild spaces are essential to who we are and to our survival – but they are disappearing. It doesn’t need to be this way. We have an incredible opportunity to protect our land and freshwater. Tell our governments you want more of Canada’s wild spaces protected." - <--- Visit the Keep Canada Wild website to sign the pledge. If you didn't grow up in nature and weren't taught trail etiquette since toddler-hood, such as leave no trace, please learn the basic rules (like going to the bathroom) before heading into the back country. 


      • A no-slip fit: We've put a grippy elastic inside that sits on your hips where it won't pinch and keeps the tights from slipping.
      • Waistline friendly: We use a thinner, stretchier elastic at the top waistband that's both comfortable and prevents stretching out.
      • A conveniently placed pocket hidden in the waistband that's big enough for your phonekeys, cards, gels and cash!
      • Our high-waistband is in a lighter, stretchier compression material to be both flattering and comfortable - you won't feel like an encased sausage, we promise!
      • 4-way stretch compression fabric that smooth bumps and supports bouncing muscles (we also get told all the time they're butt lifting)
      • A unique crotch fit that doesn't crowd your lady bits; ie, no camel toe.
      • A gusset - that little triangle piece in the crotch - to provide a greater range of motion. Ours is lined with an anti-bacterial material.
      • Fabric that is H20 friendly! Our tights won't get heavy when wet and they dry really fast. Wear them for running, hot yoga, SUP, under your ski pants and more...


      • There are approximately 20 recycled plastic bottles in every pair, certified by the Global Recycling Standard. 
      • We plant a tree in British Columbia for every order, in partnership with One Tree Planted. Fully matured that tree will sequester approximately 48lbs of CO2 per year!
      • In partnership with 1% For The Planet, 1% of every sale is donated to non-profit environmental initiatives.
      • Every purchase raises $1 to help a teenage girl attend wilderness camp, in partnership with Girl In The Wild.
      • The anti-bacterial fabric treatment is made from seashells recycled from the restaurant industry. 
      • Our graphics are transferred onto the material using recycled paper. 
      • Our printing process is called "cut panel sublimation" which means no dye is wasted, no harsh chemicals are used and the print will be in the same place on every pair.
      • The seamstresses who sew our products are paid fair wages.
      • All hang-tags are made from 100% recycled paper.
      • They will be shipped in a box that's 60% recycled - and looks nice so please reuse it!


      • HIGH-WAISTED: These high-waisted leggings fit to the smallest part of the waistline for a flattering fit on their own or under a fitted t-shirt.
      • ANTI-CAMEL TOE: We have a unique crotch fit that is designed to sit away from your lady bits, helping to prevent camel toe and take the pressure off a sometimes sensitive area - we got your back momma's!
      • NO - SLIP FIT: These are made from a 4-way stretch compression material and thus should be put on like a pair of nylons - scrunch them down and slide them up - rather than pulling from the top. The stretch should be going around the leg, but not pulling down. When pulled on correctly the internal grip elastic works wonders to keep them from slipping - a runners dream, no more hiking up mid-marathon! Please note in really cold dry weather - temperatures below zero - they may slip slightly until body heat is generated from activity. If this happens just reset after your warm-up and you'll be good the rest of your workout!


      The leg fabric is made from...

      OUR 'PEARL' MATERIAL IS . . . 

      • 300gsm mid-weight 88% recycled polyester / 12% spandex.
      • Silky-smooth and has a matte-glossy look just like a pearl.
      • Long-lasting and looks new wash after wash. 
      • Sea-friendly featuring an all-natural anti-bacterial treatment.
      • The trifecta of technical must-haves; compression, wicking and anti-odor!

      The waistband fabric is made from...


      • 200gsm mid-weight 79% recycled polyester / 21% spandex.
      • Silky-smooth and feather-light with a matte finish.
      • Long-lasting and looks new wash after wash. 
      • Sea-friendly featuring an all-natural anti-bacterial treatment.
      • The trifecta of technical must-haves; compression, wicking and anti-odor!

        CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash cold gentle cycle, tumble dry low or hang to dry. ***Important*** Please cold water soak before first wear to set the ink. Sweating in the leggings prior to soaking them in cold water could cause the ink to shift. Once the ink is set this will not occur. 

        PRODUCT LIMITATIONS: Due to the graphics being printed onto white material it is highly recommended this product only be worn with solid nude colored undergarments. Darker, brighter and patterned undergarments may show through. The print is also a surface treatment, so it is best to avoid rubbing against hard and abrasive surfaces that could wear off the ink and damage the material - such as sliding down rocks, contact with velcro and crawling on knees. As mentioned above we are hoping to do the text in silver reflective - as requested by our fans. These are an iron-on transfer and the non-stretch transfer doesn't always work well with stretchy material. We are testing and have our fingers crossed - if you order these leggings and the corners of the text peel up, please bust out that iron collecting dust in your closet and press them back down. 


        Bewildher is designed in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada by the founder Nadine Manson. Our hometown is dubbed the outdoor capital of the country which means we have an endless supply of active females to test our products. Our founder and designer is very active and avidly into running, mountain biking and snowboarding. Nadine's vision is solution oriented-activewear for active and adventurous females worldwide - and as a new mom, she puts every design to the test!

        All garments are consciously sewn in a small female-owned and operated factory in our neighbouring city of Vancouver, BC. The working conditions are safe and the garment workers are paid fair wages. We work closely with our factory to focus on increasing product quality rather than driving down the price - aka we don't cut corners - and make monthly visits to ensure our standards are upheld.


        BeWildHer Athletic Tights - The "Wilderness" Print