Salt and Seaweed Apothecary Summer Love Body Scrub

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smooth & sexy endless summer delight

The perfect storm - your skin, and the ever-changing climate. The natural goodness of petite sugar crystals, decadent butters and a zesty blend of refreshing essential oils, will leave your skin luminous, polished to perfection, silky smooth and radiant.

  • infused with nutrient-rich wild seaweed - prevents free radical damage, regenerates and protects skin, promotes collagen production targeting fine lines and wrinkles, keeping skin youthful
  • a skin-loving blend of coconut oil & Shea butter  nourish, moisturize & hydrate the skin and acts as a protective barrier
  • organic sugar - natural source of glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that penetrates the skin and breaks down the "gunk" that bonds skin cells, encouraging cell turnover and generating fresher, younger-looking skin - excellent for sun-damaged and aging skin
  • Vitamin E - an antioxidant & natural conditioner with protective properties, known for speeding up the healing process, and maintaining the soft, youthful texture of your lips by reducing signs of aging
  • botanical tangerine, orange & litsea cubeba essential oil - balance excess oil production, moisturize, minimize inflammation, refreshing and powerfully uplifting, astringent & skin brightening properties.
  • the perfect sugar scrub for all skin types
  • 100% organic and natural plant-based ingredients - toxin-free, preservative-free, cruelty-free, vegan
  • weight 128 g/4.5 oz - beautifully packaged & preserved for ultimate freshness in recyclable glass
  • handcrafted on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada - keeping it real, keeping it local

Salt and Seaweed Apothecary Summer Love Body Scrub