"Luxarose is slow fashion, hand made in the studio from concept to creation.  What is slow handmade design?  Slow handmade design is the philosophy of creating through careful thought of sustainability.  To us, its a concept that each piece holds a story, woven into its threads, hidden within its folds.  It tells you how it was coaxed to life with hands and love, hours poured into its creation.  Its the concept that each piece is as individual as the person who wears it.  

Luxarose is until it is yours"

 Everything is either made in-house in our Quesnel, BC studio, or sourced from sustainable companies who align with our mission.  Each piece goes through many steps in its creation before its ready to go home with you.  From cutting to sewing, to dyeing and surface design.  We believe slow handmade design gives us the ability to fine tune the production to create well made pieces you can wear for years to come."