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Hi! I'm Haley Campbell, the owner and developer of Beluga Baby. Happy to meet you babes!

I live in Vancouver, BC with my husband Ash and my baby girl Sawyer.

Babes, this is the comfortable and stylish bamboo baby wrap you’ve been looking for.  

  • This limited edition Beluga Wrap allows you to carry your baby close to your chest while keeping your hands free.
  • Suitable for babies newborn to 25 pounds. Consult your doctor for babies under eight pounds or who are pre-term before using this carrier.
  • Made from sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo, this carrier is super soft and has a unique four-way stretch that wearers and babies both love. Beluga Baby Wraps are proven to reduce crying by at least 40 percent. Game changer!
  • Length: 4.2 metres

While holding your little one close to your chest your hands are free, allowing you to text your BFF, make yourself some toast or coffee, and live your life. We think it’s genius! Made from bamboo fabric with a unique four-way stretch, this bamboo baby wrap soothes gas and colic, comforts your baby, and saves your sanity in the newborn days to one year.

  • The Paris Wrap is pure luxury. If there was ever a neutral purple, this baby's it!
  • Want to be a little more rock n’ roll? It doesn't get any better than "The Joni". Yes, named after THAT Joni (Mitchell). 
  • Babes, this is the comfortable and stylish bamboo baby wrap you’ve been looking for. And now it comes in TIE DYE!
  • This particular style — the “Sawyer” — is a true black. The neutral color goes with everything in your wardrobe, no matter the season. There’s no doubt that you’ll be reaching for this bamboo baby wrap again and again. 
  • This particular style — The “Rachel” — is a subtle yet textured light grey color that can be worn with any outfit no matter the season. Wear your baby in this Beluga wrap with a simple tee and jeans, or a flowy dress.
  • The “Shannon” style is light grey and white striped — the perfect neutral. You’ll know that you’ll be looking good while your baby will be secure on your chest. Pair with jeans and a tee, or a dress and sweater in the colder months.

"I just wanted to send you a little note, thanking you for creating these magical wraps! I am in tears as I write this because I have just had one of the most difficult mornings with my baby girl. She is 10 months old right now, and she always goes down for a nap every morning with no tears, for some reason this morning, she would not stop crying - heartbreaking cant-stop- to-breathe crying. I was beside myself because I couldn't calm her down. Then I pulled out my wrap, quickly slipped her into it, and within a matter of minutes she was calm, and about 10 minutes after that she was sleeping.  Thank you so much for giving me sanity in this crazy life called motherhood! I don't know what I would do with out this beautiful wrap.  I wish I could hug you right now!"

- Bridget Siemens


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Beluga Baby - Baby Wearing Wraps